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Beit Hashita factory, which was established in 1938 by members of the kibbutz, is the leading pickle factory in Israel.

In the beginning, the factory only produced pickles and olives. Over the years, Beit Hashita has expanded its range of products and started producing a selection of pickled vegetables such as: shifka pepper, pickled eggplant, sauerkraut and mixed vegetables, all while expanding the range of pickles and olives.
In 1998 Osem acquired 51% of the factory’s shares and in 2004 the acquisition of full ownership of the factory by Osem was completed.
On 1/1/2020, the plant was purchased from Osem by Din marketing and roasting LTD, and thus passed into private ownership. The combination of the factory, which always produces with great love at Kibbutz Beit Hashita in the Yizrael Valley, and the knowledge, advanced technologies, uncompromising quality control and innovation, ensure that our products will continue to lead the world of pickles for many years to come.

מפעל נולד-חרושת מתכת בית השיטה 1951 עם ייצור המוני של אליבטורים לשקים וקש.

העברת הצריף הראשון ממעין חרוד
למקום ההתיישבות החדש (1936)

בית השיטה בת שלוש, בנקודת הקבע

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